georgeIt’s tough living the barn dog life, but someone’s got to do it! Picked up by the Mid-Atlantic Jack Rescue and then adopted by Tom and Maggie in 2012, George is a 7-year-old Jack Russell Terrier with spunk to spare. Life on the track took a little getting used to, but you would never guess it now. Stop by the barn today and you’re likely to find him walking the shedrow, indulging in a nap, or chasing critters around in the bushes nearby. In fact, critters are his specialty. In the four years he’s been in the barn, George has made quite the reputation for himself chasing after rats, chipmunks, squirrels and even pigeons.

In addition to keep rats out of the barn, George enjoys riding in the golf cart, lounging with his humans and burying his daily findings (treats and treasures) in the ground for later. He’s also a media sensation these days, and always up to give an interview. Stop by the barn to grab a quick photo or interview with this cheeky canine!

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